Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Direction of my Blog...


So, after a lot of thinking (and clearly it has taken a lot because my last post was August!) I have finally made a decision on the direction I want this blog to take! I'm keeping it mainly as it was back in 2011, along the lines of beauty, fashion, hair etc but I will also be throwing in the occasional 'general life' post - although I'm not sure how frequent those kind of posts will be.

To sum it up, I'm basically just going to write about whatever I feel like writing about and see where it leads me! The only thing that I am certain about is that it is all going to be staying very girly!

I have also changed the name of my blog to 'Pixie Pop', I don't really have a reason for this name I just decided that I liked it. Let me know what you think!

Anyway I am keeping this post short and sweet so that I can move onto getting some actual content up! I have redesigned the layout and changed a few things but I'm not sure I am entirely happy just yet - so watch this space for more changes!

Speak soon

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

It's been some time.....

So it's been a while since I made a blog post - and by a while I mean over three years! 
I don't really know why I stopped blogging, to be honest I can't even remember doing it! And after spending the last hour trawling through the cringy posts made by my 16-17 year old self I think it's given me the bug and I'm feeling that I want to get back into the blog scene!

I have considered deleting all of my old posts as some of them are slightly embarrassing and I look so young on all the pictures. However, it somehow doesn't seem right to just throw them all away so they will be staying! They might give someone a good laugh anyway! They certainly have me!

I would also like to re design the layout of my blog because, being that it was made by a younger version of me, it's not really the way I want it anymore. I'm thinking this may take a little bit of time so if it looks a bit of a mess at the moment then please bear (or is it bare?) with me!

I'm trying to keep this short and sweet so finally, what direction will my blog be taking? Well in all fairness, it will be staying on mainly the same path as it was 3 years ago. Beauty, hair, makeup, fashion (although I do think my fashion sense was a lot better when I was 17) and just life in general. I suppose the best way to sum it up would be light hearted girlyness!

And then there's the name of the blog.....big pink princess dress? This may be changing to - if it is possible to change the blog name? If not then I guess we will all just have to go with it!
Right, I'm off to try and mature this blog page a bit! 
Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

This will only take a few mins..

So, i was wondering if i could ask you all a huge favour...
It will only take a few mins and is completly free with no catches :)

Basically, a few weeks ago i entered my dog into a competition on facebook, 'britians next dog model' (so cute!). The winning dog gets to be the face of mikki pet products for a year. Although i don't hold up much hope (there are some really stunning dogs in the comp and also some very determined owners!) I thought i would put up a little plea on here! :)

Please could you vote for Molly! It would mean so much to us for her to get into the next round! :)

All you have to do is click here then press 'vote for me' :) simple :)

Thank you so much :)