Sunday, 24 October 2010

Manchester Proffessional Beauty Show

Hiya Princesses!

A few weeks ago (October 11th) I was lucky enough to go to the proffessional beauty show in Manchester! Now, i'm not sure but i believe you either have to be a student in the beauty/hair makeup industry or qualified in the one of those three areas, but like i said i'm not sure. As i'm currently studying beauty therapy i was eligable to go!

The show itself is a lot like the clothes show (without the catwalk). It's basically just a LOT of stalls selling beauty and hair products (at discounted prices!). It was extremly busy on the day and there was quite a lot of shoving and pushing. If you don't like crowds then don't go! However, i thought that it actually created a nice atmosphere having that amount of people! Heres what i picked up:

There was a small stall called 'pro impressions' which were doing a deal of '3 eyelashes for £10', so I decided to get 3 pairs:

I havn't tried any of these out yet but they look really light and easy to apply! I can't wait to start using them :)

One thing i was really excited to see was crownbrush! For those of you who don't know-I love crown brush brushes! They were selling packs of brush gaurds for £5! So i picked up two packets, one is a foundation pack and the other is a liner/shadow pack. I will proberly do a review on them at some point:

And of course i had to get some brushes! I got brushes from the studio and luner range

The one on the far left is huge! I LOVE it! I also just got two crease brushes, a lip brush and also a spooly :)

As for nail polish, well-China glaze was there! I was so super excited when i saw them. They were doing a deal, buy 12 and get 20% off! However, I didn't really want 12 so i just got four:

Again, i will do a more in depth review of these at some point and you will beable to see the colours better in NOTD's.

Next comes makeup :) I was quite disapointed that MAC wasn't there with a discount but stargazer was there so that made up for it :)

I got a pair of false eyelashes:

I've seen a lot of lashes like this before and I think there gorgeous! Maybe not for everyday though!

Next I got some crayons for your face:
Bit of an odd thing to purchase I know, but they were only £3 so I thought I may aswell try them out! They seem alright but they are extremly creamy so i'm sure they will crease terrible!

And of course, I had to get some eyedusts!

These are so pretty! And although you cant tell on the photo, that black one is gorgeous! It's got lots of different coloured sparkles in it!

I then shopped at a brand called 'strictly proffesional'. They had some really good deals on! For example this pedicure kit for £15:
I do a lot of pedicures so I couldn't pass on buying this! It has everything I need in it and also comes in a cute bag which will be usefull when carrying it around :)

And finally the biggest buy of the day was a wax kit! It was an absolute bargin at only £45!!
It comes with everything you need to provide waxing services: pre wax, after wax, wax cleaning equipment, wax strips, spatulas, pots of wax and of course a wax heater! I'm so excited about it-I love it!

I had such a fantastic day and got some really bargins, if you ever have the chance to go I absolutly 100% reccomend you do!

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