Sunday, 10 October 2010

Venomous Villians Haul! :)

Hiya Princesses!

Now, for those of you who don't know-i am obsessed with disney!!! So when I found out that mac and disney would be collaborating i was super excited (although I would rather it be disney princesses than villians!). Unfortunatly, when i made my order the one thing that i really really wanted to get was sold out :( Typical! It was "Innocence beware" lipstick from the cruella range. I'm still really happy with eveything else that i got though :)

I love the boxes!! :)

Lipgloss <3

I got "Revenge is sweet" (malificent), "Strange potion" (evil queen) and "Devilishly stylish" (cruella). I love them all but especially devilishly stylish! It's just a perfect every day colour! (swatches go from left to right: strange potion, revenge is sweet and devilishly stylish)
They all cost £13.00

Eyeshadow <3

I got "Sweet joy" (cruella), "De-vil" (cruella), "carbon" (cruella-also in permanant line), "Vile violet" (evil queen) and "Her alter image" (evil queen). Love them! And i love the names, especially 'her alter image'. It's just so suited! My favourite is sweet joy-its really pretty! (swatches go from left to right: Her alter image, carbon, de-vil, vile violet and sweet joy).
They all cost £11.50
Blush <3

I only got one blush which was "Bite of an apple" (evil queen). Again, love the name! It's a very pretty matte pink, it's quite bright :)
It cost £17.00 (pricey!!)
Lipstick <3>

Like i said, i really wanted to get "Innocence Beware" but it was sold out :( However I did get "Violetta" (malificent). It's not the sort of colour I normally go for-which is why i picked it! It's a very bright purple :)
It cost £13.00
I didn't get anything from the Dr.Facilier range because to be honest, i think he's really creepy!
My bank account does not thank me for this haul but my makeup collection certainly does! I'm really happy with everything even if it has left me broke!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. i completely agree with you - i would of much rathered a disney princesses, or even just normal disney characters collection, i think it would have been a lot more wearable

    lovely blog, feel free to check out mine :) xx


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