Friday, 19 February 2010

New start :)

After spending the entire day glued to the computer, customising my blog (when i should have been doing coursework) I think i am finally satisfied enough to write an actual post! What do you think of my blogs new makeover? I'm not entirely satisfied yet but it looks a lot better than it did!

You may have noticed that i have deleted all my old blog posts. Reason being that a lot of them were to do with my youtube videos and well, im not making videos anymore.

Will i ever go back to youtube? Proberly. I always do. But untill then i will be regularly be writing in this blog :) By all means though, feel free to go subscribe to my account ready for when i come back:

So basically this blog is just going to be about beauty in general! Of course my main passion is makeup but i love every single part of the beauty indsustry (good job considering i'm studying it at college next year!) which is why my blog is dedicated to all things beauty :) I will include: makeup looks ive done, outfit of the days (considering they were always quite popular on youtube), hauls, tags, reviews, general blogs about life and of course anything that is requested :)

Well i dont really no what else to say right now so please follow me and i will have another post soon :)

Katie xoxox

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  1. yay for blogging!!

    Looking forward to reading your blog



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