Monday, 3 May 2010

Haul :)

I went into birmingham the other day and also made an avon order which came today.
I only popped into primark and boots in birmingham just because i'm on a budget at the moment and i didn't spend a lot on the avon either :( But heres what i got :) .....
From Boots I got:
Collection 2000 illuminating touch concealer:

I bought this to use on my undereye circles as they've been really bad recently :( It's becasue i always go to bed so late! Hopefully this will help :) It was £4.99
From Avon I got:
Hello Kitty Umbrella!

How cute is this! I was so excited when i saw it in the catolouge and with the weather weve been having its come at a perfect time! It cost £8.00
From Primark I got :

I've been looking for some new dolly shoes for a while now and thought these were adorable when i saw them :) They were only £6!

Again, ive been looking for some jeans for a while and i love the colour of these! They were £13.00 :)
Sunglasses Case

I dont really need one but it was £2.00 and my sunglasses fit nicely in it so i thought, may aswell :)
And thats it :) Not a lot but i still thought i would share :) I'm really trying to save up at the moment for my prom makeup and i still need to buy a clutch bag for prom! I saw a really cute one the other day but it was £20! and i would never use it again so i cant really justify spending that much :(
Speak to you all soon,

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