Monday, 3 May 2010

Review: Lee Staffords Hair Growth Treatment

“Hair that never grows past a certain length? Sounds a lot like mine!”
That’s what I thought when I first saw this product on the shelf in boots five months ago. I’ve been trying to grow my hair for such a long time now that I decided to give this product a go! Heres my thoughts on it:

Firstly what it claims to do:
• Reduce Hair Loss
• Improve Follicle Health
• Reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp
• Stops hair ageing (whatever that means)
• Improves strength, feel and volume

I can honestly say that this product does do all of those things except its extremely annoying to use and I think the name of the product “Hair Growth Treatment” might be a little misleading…..
To use this product you have to apply an egg shaped amount all over your hair in between shampooing and conditioning and leave for five minuets. It was annoying to write all of that let alone do it! Basically, what I do is I shampoo my hair in the shower, get out of the shower and put the product in, then whilst I’m waiting for it to ‘work its magic’ I cleanse my face, then I get back into the shower, rinse it off and condition. All of this takes a considerable amount of time and I have to wonder whether its worth it.
Also, the name “Hair Growth Treatment” well, I don’t know whether you noticed but in the list of things it claims to do it didn’t say anything about hair growth! And to be honest, I haven’t noticed any difference in the length of my hair. So maybe it should be given a more suitable name.
The packaging of the product is very cute. Its in a pink tub and each letter in the name is written in different font sizes. However, as cute as the packaging is, it isn’t really right for the product. It would be better if it was in a tube as it would be easier to get out and use.

Some good things about this product are the smell and the way it makes your hair feel. The smell of it reminds me of the smell of a body butter, its gorgeous! And also my hair always feels so soft and silky after using it.
Overall I would give this product a 5/10 just because it is a good product but the name is very misleading. It does do all it claims to but I think there are a lot of other products on the market that do all of this for cheaper. I wouldn’t purchase this product again as the reason I bought it was to help my grow and it hasn't done that :(

Buy this product from Boots Stores in the UK or from for £6.99

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