Monday, 24 May 2010

Mac Venomous Villians Collection :)

Hello Princesses!
I have some very exciting news for any of you who don't already know!
Mac is realeasing a disney collection!!!!

I'm not entirely sure but i think they realeased another disney collection a few years ago (let me know if you know if they did) well now, there releasing another one but with a twist! It's disney villians! (hense the name venomous villians) It's not quite what i had in mind when i heard the word 'disney' (i was thinking of tinkerbell and all the princesses lol) but when i watched the teaser video i was like 'wow!'

Unfortunatly we have to wait untill september untill it's realeased world wide :( At least that gives us plently of time to start saving up for it!

To watch the teaser video that Mac has made click Here

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  1. Katie when I saw this I literally almost died & went to heaven. Super excited about this collection


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