Sunday, 23 May 2010

Review-St.Moriz instant self tanning mousse

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The weather in England at the moment is BEAUTIFULL! It's soooo hot! The sun is shining so brightly that if you were to lye in it for about an hour i'm pretty sure that you would develop a very natural tan-however, this post is going to be about a product that will give you a natural tan without having to sit in harmful UV rays!

A lot of people in the internet world have raved about the st. moriz instant self tanning products, so i of course had to try it out! There are two types you can get, a mousse or a spray, both costing £2.99 each. This review is specifically about the mousse. I won't talk about how to put it on, i'll do that in a separate post :)

Firstly, what it claims to do:
"creates an instant bronzing effect, providing you with a perfect all over, professional tan"

Does it do this?
I have to say, i think it does!

The tan comes up a beautiful goldon brown colour which looks extremly natural, however it is buildable so if you want to be quite dark you can be. Obviously with any self tanning product there is the possibilty of streaks if it is not rubbed in properly, with this tanner i have not had many problems with streaks and find that it looks very even when i've finished applying it. It dries very quickly and does not take long to rub into the skin. On the packaging it says for best results apply 4-6 hours before showering, and it is right! When i did this the tan looked devine, however i still think it look great when just applying and leaving (if you know what i mean).

As far as the packaging is concerned there is not a lot i can say. I dont love it but nor do i dislike it. It's quite plain but to be honest, does that really matter?
Overall i would give this product 4/5 and i think it is definatly worth trying out! Especially for the price-it's brilliant! I got mine for £2.99 from home bargins.
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  1. I think this stuff is great!

  2. I think i'm gonna go and buy some of this, using a gradual tanner which is a bit pants! don't want to look pasty for prom!


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