Thursday, 20 May 2010

OOTD-Suit Day!

Hello princesses!

So tonight i am extremly happy! Today i finished school!! At out school theres a tradition-the last day is called "Suit Day". It's literally just a day of taking pictures! All we did all day was walk round school, say bye to everyone and take loads and loads of pictures! You have to dress in smart clothes-all the boys wore suits and most girls wore dresses or skirts :) Luckily the weather was beautiful and most of the day was spent eating buffet food whilst sitting out in the sun! Heres what i wore:

Sorry the picture is bad quality :S I would upload some pictures of me and my friends out in the sun but i don't no whether they would want me to.

I got this dress off the internet (no idea the website name, sorry!) It was perfect for today :) And my shoes were from new look, along with my bracelets and necklace :)

I feel really weird now i've left school. I don't really feel sad but it's just strange to think that the people i've spent the last five years of my life with i'm not going to see anymore!

Thanks for reading :)

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