Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Hia Princesses :)
This is a really small haul as i'm trying to save money at the moment so i'm not really buying a lot :( But here some things i got the other day:

From Internacianle:
I got this purse. I've been desparetly looking for a new purse for such a long time as my old one was so tatty and horrible! I saw this one and really liked it-then i fell in love with it when i realised it was in the sale at £3! Bargin! I like it because theres lot of compartments :)

From Urban Decay:
UDPP! This is my second bottle :) My other one lasted me like a year! So it is definatly a good investment!
From Holland and Baratt :)
Weird thing to put in a haul. Basically my skin has been really playing up lately (acne and stuff) and i was talking to my friend and she said her mom takes the vitamin "Agnus Castus" for her skin and it really works! So i thought i would try it! I got it in a liquid form, all you do is put 1mm in a glass of water and drink it :) Simple :) I'll update you on how well it works :)

Well, thats all for now. Not a lot i know but like i said, i'm saving money :)
Speak to you soon,

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  1. Love the purse! I know what you mean about compartments- I am so fussy when it comes to purses in that way!


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