Sunday, 16 May 2010

Just a general blog about life :)

Hiii :)

I just did a haul which i havn't posted yet but i have saved as a draft-so expect that to be up later tonight!

I've never really done a blog just talking about life so i thought i would do that now :) Life is crazy at the moment, my gcse's start on tuesday so i'm just sort of just revising and preparing for them, which has been really difficult this last week because i took on some extra hours at work as one of the girls is on holiday. I've had hardly any time!! Luckily my first couple of exams are relitivly easy-religous studies and English litriture and i have week off in between them and the more difficult exams so it's not to bad :)

Hopefully when my exams are over i'll have more time to blog and do makeup, nail art etc. I was also thinking about coming back to youtube when my exams are over. I'm not sure though. I do really miss makeing videos :(

This blog thing is really quite difficult-i am sooooo gratefull to my followers but i really would like to get some more. Does anyone know how to advertise your blog? I don't know how to get it out there so that more people know about it! If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know :)

Anyway, i should end this now and go do some revision :( Its so boring but in about a month it will all be over and all of us in year 11 can relax and enjoy the summer :) Thats what i keep telling myself :)

Speak to you soon,


  1. Just keep at it hun, im a new blogger so I know what you mean. Just get involved, read other blogs and share your views about their posts :)Your blogs seem really intresting and helpful so it wont be long till you have lots more followers xxx

  2. Thanks for the help :) I will definatly keep at it :) xx


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