Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fake Bake Experience :)

Hiya Princesses,
So this blog is going to be about fake tan, and specifically fake bake. I'm proberly going to post a few fake tan posts, about different ones you can get and the best ways to apply them yourself without looking to 'fake'.

Fake bake has been voted the best self-tanner you can buy and have professionally done. It combines the agents DHA and Erythulose which means your tan should last 50% longer than it would normally. Madonna and Britany Spears both say that they use fake bake (shows how good it is!). Most beauty therapists are now trained to give professional fake tans using fake bake products and you can also buy the products so you can give yourself a fake bake at home :)

A few weeks ago i had a professional fake bake and have to say it was brilliant! Basically, the beautician just rubs a very brown cream like product all over your body, it takes about 15-20 mins. You can also have a fake bake spray tan. Now, if you are planning on getting this done or doing it yourself make sure you do it late afternoon/evening and plan to have a shower when you wake up in the morning. After you've had it done you will look like you've been dragged through a mud bath, believe me you are NOT going to want to go out anywhere (not even just done the road to the supermarket)!! You need to leave it on overnight and then have a shower and wash it all off in the morning :)

After you've just had it done it will look very dark, uneven, streaky, patchy-basically just everything you don't want a fake tan to look like! However, because it has a colour agent in it when it's all washed off it will be one, even, natural looking colour :)

I really loved mine and definatly plan on having it done again. When i'd washed it off it looked so natural and i got loads of compliments on it :) I really would recomend going to get a professional fake bake or if your experienced with self-tanners or want to try them out then you should buy some of the products for yourself :) I thought it was brilliant :)

Mine cost £20 but the price may vary from salon to salon. It lasted about a week :) For more information go to:

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