Sunday, 30 May 2010


Hiya Princesses :)
So today, like i promised, i have a NOTD :) This is the colour that i got yesturday from boots (it's in my haul) It's one of the limited edition diet coke colours from nails inc. that you get free when you purchase two bottles of diet coke :) I LOVE it :) It's so easy to apply and looks so smooth and shiny when it's dried :) Here it is:
I haven't been able to wear a colour this bright for a while as my school are quite strict about nail polish (all the offices have bottles of nail polish remover in them) but now i'm on study leave and have actually left school i can go crazy! lol :) This colour is just a really bright pink-perfect for summer!
Btw, for all of you living in the UK the heatwaves supposed to be returning this week! yayy shorts and sunbed are coming back out!
Speak to you all soon,


  1. Lovely colour! :) So far I've picked up two of the Nails Inc polishes in Boots! May be back for more though :) xx

  2. @olivia i think i'm going to get some more 2! It's such a great offer :) xx


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