Monday, 31 May 2010

Mac Haul :)

Hiya Princesses :)

So today i went a little bit overboard with my shopping and spent wayyyy more than i was planning too! This is only the first part of todays haul and of course it's the mac stuff :) The second part of todays haul will be uploaded tommorrow.

I went into mac with the intention of just buying a foundation. However, i ended up having a full consultation where the M/A did all of my base using £68.50 worth of pruducts, which she of course talked me into buying (so that means no more shopping for me for a while!). She also gave me some really usefull tips for skin, for example i had no idea that my skin was dehydrated or that i shouldn't be using an anti-blemish foundation as it's drying it up to much! I really would advise anyone to go and have a consultation-even if your not really planning on buying anything! Heres what i got:

Mac Prep and Prime (skin)

Definatly not something i was planning on buying but she talked me into it! It's meant to make your foundation last a lot longer-so it will be perfect for prom and nights out!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 :)

Of course, the product i was actually planning on buying! I got Mac Studio Fix Fluid, it gives a lovely finish to the skin and is buildable :) Mine is in NW15 :) It was £19

Mac Studio Finish Concealer (NW15)
I also ended up getting studio finish concealer :) The M/A said that she recomends i put a medium coverage all over my face and then just use a heavy concealer on the problem areas. I also think this looked great under my eyes! It was £12.50

Finally something i seriously was not planning on getting-MSF natural in light!! It's amazing! I love it and it is so worth the money :) I think it finishes off makeup perfectly and of course it's mineral based so isn't going to be too harsh on the skin :) It was £19.

I also got a foundation pump for about £2.50.

And thats it :) All of that definatly emptied my purse out! Luckily i took on some extra hours at work the last couple of weeks which should cover all of this :)

Speak to you all soon,

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