Thursday, 6 May 2010


I had the day off school today as our school was being used as a polling station :) I should have spent the day revising but i went shopping instead (didn't buy anything :( ) Here's what i wore :) :

Quick FOTD Too :):

Floral Top: £10:00 Republic (in sale!)

Jeans: £13.00 Primark

Cardigon: £? H&M

Jacket: £? Primark

Shoes: £6.00 Primark

Braclet: £? Matalan

Necklace: £? New look

Earrings: Shop and price unknown, sorry!

Bag: £? New Look
Makeup: Very plain, just my everyday foundation and blush and just some eyeliner and mascara :)
Speak to you all soon,

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