Saturday, 5 June 2010

Skin Miricle-Agnus Castus!

Hi princesses :)
I have recently discovered something that has actually changed my life! And i seriously seriously mean it. I have so much more confidence now because of this thing than what i had before.

Recently a friend told me about a vitamin called "Agnus Castus" which is apparently really good for people who suffer with acne (like me).

This is the plant it's made from:

Now i have tried pretty much everything, from cleansers and mousterizers to antibiotics to cream that litterally feels like it's going to burn your face off! Nothing ever cleared up my horrible mess that was meant to look like skin. So when my friend told me about "Agnus Castus" i was seriously reluctant to try it because i'm sick of wasting my money.

Well, i can tell you this-it was definatly not a waste of money!

I really wished i'd taken before and after photos of my skin because the transformation since using this product is amazing! My skin is definatly not perfect yet, it still has acne scars all over it and there is the odd spot but it looks so much better! For anyone out there who has acne-seriously consider giving this product ago!

I got mine from holland and barratt in the UK but i'm sure you can get it from the US too :) I think it was around £6.00. It comes in two forms, theres a liquid form which you just mix into a bit of water and drink or theres tablets :) I have the Liquid one :)

The only thing i would say is that it is a hormonal tablet, so if you have trouble with your hormones or your pregnent or anything like that then i would proberly talk to you GP first! Also, just because it worked for me that does not mean it will work for everyone so please bear that in mind if you do try it out!

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