Thursday, 3 June 2010

Haul 31st May :)

Hiya Princesses!

Yes, this haul is four days late :( I'm very sorry but i have just been so busy that i havn't had the time to upload the pictures, but tonight i have decided to take a night off from working and have a little 'me time', which involves chocolate, DVD's and my laptop :) So heres my haul from the other day :)

Firstly Argos :)

A bit boring but i thought i would show you anyway :) My ladyshave broke the other day so i really needed a new one. This one was £5 from argos and is exactly the same as my old one, which i found to be great and it lasted 2 years before it broke :) Can't complain for a fiver :)

WH Smith:

My mom very kindly bought me this one :) It's the book "Flowers in the attic" by Virginia Andrews :) Apparently it's really good-and i love it when i've got a good book to read (helps me to get to sleep at night when i'm not tired!). I love the name of this book aswell, it's very different :) I think this was about £6.


I got the nadine lashes :) They look very flirty and nice, i can't wait to try them :)

I also got this "aqeous cream" The girl in the MAC store told me it's good for acne scars-it was only £2.25! Definatly worth giving a go!

Prom Bag:

I finally got a prom bag! It matches my dress perfectly!! It's a little, square, pink clutch which also has a silver chain :) It's covered in silver rhinestones! I wish i could tell you where it was from but it was from somewhere exclusive to my area. It was very pricey-£20. Yes i know, it's farrrr to much but seriously, wait till you see my dress-this bag is perfect for it! I will proberly sell it as a set with my dress after prom to try and get some money back :)


How gorgeous are these! They are a HUGE pair of earings with a lovely floral print on them :) They were £2.50 :)

And this waist belt, which was also £2.50. The reason i got this is because i have this pretty grey dress (which i will show you in an OFTD at some point) which this belt will go great with! :)

(best till last) Primark!:

This necklace, it looks very tacky but the reason i got it is because at work i have to wear all black and it can be so boring. I'm hoping this will brighten it up a bit :) I think it was about £2-3 ( i can't remember sorry!)

And this ring! I love it! It covers half my finger :) It was £2 :)

I love this ring! It's clear with a flower thats like inside it (if that makes sense!). I saw one really simular in dorothy perkins for £6-this one was £1! It's so comfortable to wear too!

Some new gladitors :) Ive wanted some black ones for a while and these are gorgeous! They were only £6 :)

And these sandals aswell-guess how much they were :) £2!! They are so comfortable! I really love them, there perfect for summer :) Also, one of the M/A's in the mac store had them on in black! :)
And thats it :) I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work on saturday so that i can start earning back all the money that i spent! lol :) I hope you enjoyed, speak soon,


  1. ahh gorgeous eaarrings :) you should do a prom post soon! x

  2. @paperheart i definatly will do some prom posts! :) x

  3. I love your clutch bag! i'm still yet to find one :( I love the black sandals, i didnt spot them in my primark or i would of snapped them up! x

  4. Great accessories, I love the chunky ring! :)

  5. looks so good! ahh I loved my prom last year! XXX

  6. Wow you really know how to find bargains! I especially love the accesories!

    Following you ♥!


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