Saturday, 7 August 2010

I Heart Your Blog Award!

DISCLAIMER: I'm really not sure if anyone who i have given the award to has already recieved it or not. It doesn't really matter if they have, i just wanted to clear it up :)

Hiya Princesses!

So quite a few weeks ago i recieved my first blog award! I'm so happy about it!

Firstly i would obviously like to say a big thankyou to Sian for giving me this award :) Go and check out her blog if you havn't already :)

These are the rules for the award:
1. Post the award on your blog
2.Link the person who has given you the award
3.Pass on the award to another 15 blogs
4. Let these people know youv'e given them an award :)

Now, i don't mean to be a copycat but i am going to have to do as Sian did and only pick 5 blogs instead of 15. Reason being that a lot of people already have this award anyway and also it would take me such a long time to pick 15!

Anyway, without further adu (is that even a saying?! lol), Here are the five people i pick:

  • Hopeglittering- I love this girls blog! She seems like such a nice person and she also has a youtube account and i love watching her videos!
  • Paperheart- I really love this blog as it keeps me entertained throughout all the posts and i think she explains things really well :)
  • Fernlaura-I actually just discovered this blog today! Ive really been enjoying reading all the posts so i think it desearves this award!
  • Makeup Princess- Well firstly, i love the name of this blog! I really enjoy reading the posts and she has a really cute dog! :)
  • Girls Like You- I've been reading this blog ever since i started blogger and i just really love the posts! There interesting and she has some really nice ootd's!

Please go and check out all of these girls blogs if you havn't already!!

Thankyou for reading,


  1. Hey

    I've given you an award!


  2. hi Katie! thank you so much for this lovely award! sorry its taken such a long time but ive been away :) my post will be up soon and thank you again <33

  3. ahh i finally got up the post! i know its RIDICULOUSLY late but thank you again anyway :)



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