Thursday, 19 August 2010

My sigma contest entry and Youtube

Hiya princesses,

So recently sigma had a contest which was to do a makeup look inspired by an animal :) You had to do a tutorial on youtube for it so i decided to enter!

As a few as you know i used to have a youtube account which i closed down about a year ago. Well, i have made another one and my videos for the sigma contest are on there at the moment. Now, i am coming back to youtube (i think :S) but not properly right now! My account currently has two videos and i do intend to keep it that way untill i start college in a few a weeks. However, i may upload a video or two inbetween now and then if i'm bored. I'm not getting properly back into it yet though but hopefully in about a month i will be :)

So, my entrys :) Firstly i did a look inspired by a tiger (tigers are my favourite animal!):

And then i did a look inspired by a pink and blue fish (the picture of the fish is in the video on youtube):

I doubt i will win because some of the other entrys are amazing! But i had fun doing this and as the saying goes, 'its the taking part that counts :)'

If you want to check out my youtube then click here but just bear in mind that videos arn't going to regular at the moment and i will update you on this later :)
Thanks for reading :)

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