Friday, 13 May 2011

Haul, 14.05.11

Hiya Princesses,

Today i have been doing one of my favourite! Not that I have that much money to spend but i thought i would treat myself as i havn't bought much the last few months.

Firstly, i thought i would go into forever21 (in Birmingham). I hardly ever seem to be able to find anything in forever21 so i was quite surprised to come walking out with a carrier bag! I bought this dress:

I'm planning on wearing it over leggings. It came with a plated, brown belt :) It was about £18.00. I also bought some beige coloured chinos. I practically live in my khaki chinos, so i bought these for a change:

Again, they were about £18.00 and also came with a brown belt :)

Then i headed to H&M. I found this lace vest top. I think it will look great over a nude coloured vest top and is going to be lovely and cool in the summer (if we get a summer here in England!):

It was £12.50. I also picked up these floral hair clips:

They were only £1.99 and i think the're really pretty :)

Of course, i had to go to primark. Surprisingly i didn't get to much. I bought two pairs of shoes, which are the same but different colours. They are litterally the most comfortable shoes ever! They are like slippers!

They were £6.00

Can i ever go to primark without getting some jewellery? I think not:

These earings were £1.50 :) They also had them in pink. Finally from primark, i bought a dolly bow bow :)
It's one with a wire in so it's really comfortable to wear. It was £1.50.

Last but not least, boots :) I needed a new foundation and instead of buying my usual revlon colour stay i thought i would go for something a little cheaper. I've been using the collection 2000 16 hour concealer and really like it so i thought i would try out the foundation:

I believe it was about £6.00. I will let you know how i get on with it!

Thanks for reading,

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