Friday, 13 May 2011

My new traincase :)

Hiya Princesses,

Before i start this post properly, i just want to say a quick disclaimer. I am in no way showing off about this, I saved up for it for a long time and it is something that i have wanted literally for years :)

So, now thats out the way, I went to the beauty show at the NEC last Sunday and bought one thing. Mainly because i couldn't continue looking properly once i had bought this but also because i had no money left!

I bought a traincase! I love it! It holds all my makeup and looks so professional. Of course, it had to be pink:

The smaller one can attach on top of the larger one so its all one case :)

In the big one i have eyeliners, mascaras, lip products, eyelashes, sequins and makeup magazines.

In the smaller one (which has more compartments) i have eyeshadows, pallettes and face products.

This is such a great way of storing makeup, it's so compact and it's amazing how much you can fit in it. The only down side is the price, £89.00. But i have to say, it was worth it! Its actually helped to clear out my room a bit (believe it or not) and it's something i will have for life :) I really do love it :)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. That is pretty expensive, but it holds so much!

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