Saturday, 26 June 2010

Prom Tiarra/Headband, makeup and nails!

Hiya Princesses!

As promised, i have a prom post! I just wanted to share a few bits with you :)

Firstly, my tiarra (which is more like a headband). I actually wasn't planning on wearing anything in my hair as my dress is quite over the top and i didn't want to over do it to much. However, my aunt wore this headband for her wedding and very kindly said i could borrow it :) I love it and think it's perfect as it's quite simple. It's made from Austrian Crystels.

Obviously when i wear it on the night i will look a lot better than i do here (hopefully!) and my hair will look better too (hopefully!).


Next is my makeup. I was experimenting with it the other night and whilst i do like what i came up with i think it needs to be a little bit bolder and the pink needs to be a little bit brighter-what do you think? Also, on the night i plan on wearing false eyelashes and my face makeup is just going to be a heavy coverage with peachy keen blush from mac and a bit of contouring.

And finally, nails :) The girl i work for (i work at a beauty salon) has actually offered to do my nails for me for free! Thats so nice of her and i am so gratefull! However, i do plan on asking her to do this:

It's just a very simple french manicure with a silver strip underneath the white tip :) (i did these ones myself, i'm quite proud of them! lol)
So what do you think of all this? I will show you my dress but not untill the day!
Speak to you soon,


  1. I LOVE your eye makeup!And I want that headband :P
    You look gorgeous!
    Tonia xx

  2. @Tonia thankyou so much! x


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