Friday, 2 July 2010

My Big Pink Princess Dress :)

Hiya Princesses,

So this is a very special post for me. I will make a separate post about my prom but i really thought that this just desearved a post of it's own!

My prom dress is where i got the inspiration for the name of my blog. When i was trying to think of my blogs name i had litterally just that week bought my prom dress and i was completly in love with it! All my relatives and friends who came to see it described it as 'A big pink princess dress!'

So here it is:

Sorry you really cannot see the detail very well but trust me, this dress is beautifull! I seriously do applaud whoever designed it! And i did feel like a princess all night :)

A prom post will be coming soon :)


  1. Wow that dress is amazing! You look so pretty x

  2. Aaaahhhhh it's soooo pretty. xxxxxxxxx

  3. I love that dress! where did you get it at?

  4. @Faith I got it from a little shop near where i live, it isn't a chain store or anything. But the design isn't exclusive to the shop so you can buy it from other dress shops :) x

  5. Where did you get this beautiful dress? It looks stunning on you. Your blond hair really sets it off. So pretty!


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