Monday, 5 July 2010


Disclaimer: I'm sorry there arn't many pictures on this post. I can't upload many because most of them have got a lot of people on them (especially the ones taken on the dance floor!). I am not sure if these people would like me uploading pictures of them on to an open site :)

Hiya Princesses!

I am finally doing my prom post!

My prom was on July 1st 2010 and it was an amazing night! It started at 7:00pm but i was at my friends house for 5:30 as we were going to be travelling by bus! Yes, by bus! When i was first invited onto the bus i was very skeptical about it (i was looking forward to a limo lol) but seriously-it was the best journey of my life! The bus was open top so we all stood there in our dresses waving and screaming at pedestrians as we made our way to the venue! I seriously loved it and it was most definatly one of the highlights of my night! :)

Heres a few pictures on top of the bus just before we left and one of me inside the bus (it started to rain at one point so we all went in-luckily though it stopped!):

The venue itself actually overlooked a football pitch (i can't tell you which one because then you will know where i live). It was beautiful inside, with big round tables with posh decorations. There was also a chocolate fountain! My school had also hired a proffessional photographer! Me and my best friend decided to have a photo taken together-neither of us had dates so we had one together :) It's something i will keep and treasure forever :) Here it is:

Most of the night was spent dancing! The prom lasted for four hours and three of those i spent on the dancefloor! Seriously, from 8 untill 11 i danced! My feet were killing by the end of it! The only problem was that the dancefloor was tiny and there was about 200 teenagers there-and about 100 of those were in big, puffy dresses! However it was still brilliant, and the "highlight dance" of the night for me was proberly when "Don't stop believing" the glee version came on! I literally screamed and most of the boys just evacuated the dancefloor!
Overall i had a fantastic night and it was a lovely way to end my time in compulsary education :)


  1. Aha I had my prom on the 28th and it was similar to how you described yours! Hope you had a fab time, xx

  2. wow it sounds like such fun night and you look absolutely stunning!

    thanks so much for commenting btw! <33

  3. You look gorgeous! The bus sounds like a lot of fun :) xx


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